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Another Sunday púca's Irish castle new clip on Youtube

Hay Hay Púca's, Another Sunday Púca's & hope ye had a great weekend. It is not over yet. Ok so thanks for bearing with us as we find our feet & we are still putting the exclusive together for you but to keep you entertained I have added a clip from an Irish Castle called Redwood Castle which I have added a few images of to a new album page called Irish Castle & uploaded a clip from the Chapel room which was recorded on one of my cameras in the room. A few images from that room are in the album and a link to the video can be found on our social media channels. So the clip shows an Investigator after feeling an energy on a low level kneeling in the chapel to try to connect with the energy, after asking the spirit to come forward & use their energy either by touch, tug, voice any means they were comfortable with, a gentle tug was felt on the lower right side & watch the clip carefully you can see the shirt move gently which was unexpected leading to the investigator trying to get the attention of others in the room as it was in darkness & knew only night vision visibility was all that could be seen leading to dancing fingers lol.. check out the video and also on the same investigation other experiences were felt and captured on the night in our belief. Hope you like it púca's & new content coming soon so. Follow The Púca Vogue


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