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Blog Update and changes

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hello Puca Vogues, First off, I want to apologise but due to unusal activity on our comments sections of blogs we have had no choice but to disable comments but please always feel free to email, or message any questions or comments. Ok down to business, now that a clear road map has began we finally have a chance to start moving in the right direction with no more restrictions so we have 5 investigations booked over the coming months. we will be updating Instagram and Facebook weekly from now and we will start droping off more content for you all, so keep an eye on the channels and we will also be adding to our Youtube.

Tonight I posted a Reel on Instagram whcih was taken on the top floor of a castle, on this investigation many pieces were captured so to start it off we are giving you something sweet as a treat lol.. Scenario was the castle was very busy with activity, again cat and mouse, so as we had left the base room on the top floor we were gone for approx 25-30 mins, while we were gone you can hear and see on the clip a good smack given to an item yes puns are right, a bag of sweets and the smack which is clearly heard leads to the sweets hitting the concrete floor.Being a castle acoustics are high with concrete so they can be heard but the bag is what we belive more then just a fall over, especially as before we left we captured an EVP , which will follow.So tonight just an update as to where we are at and going and head over to Facebook or Instagram to see the reel. We also added a Reel taken in Poland of a beautiful ship, check that one out on Instagram also!!! Have a spooky weekend from us all @Puca Vogue Stay Safe


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