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Captured EVP Story part 2

Ello Puca's Ok so as I mentioned we have started reviewing last weeks investigation of over 50 hours worth of footage but we will post some pics over the week. Once completed you will see more about our vision but we are walking before running, except ifs after a scare lol then we can run lol. Ok so back to now, I promised you a part 2 of the blog post title Captured EVP story part 1 so hear is a part 2 to keep you going and Thanks for staying with us. Ok so in this clip (YouTube link) & this is the same property of part 1 Video but this time we are in a small room in the kitchen at the back of the house just sitting in the room building the energy trying to have a chat & a bit of familiarity with the energy. so 3 Ladies present only in the property & us males, all in the one room when out of the blue we hear what we believe is a female voice kind of humming twice (Section of 15 & 35 seconds on the video & the video does not do this clip justice as I cant seem to raise the volume on the video app I use, maybe I should vblog lol) it sounds like HUMM HUMM AT 15 & 35 SECONDS and 3 of us heard this Cleary at the time & after some debate as to was it heard or not we moved on but on review of the footage sure enough there it is caught on camera so our ears had not let us down on this occasion. The lady investigators reaction I'm sure is also evidence to the EVP as this investigator does NOT take everything at first hand without evidence so her reaction was excellent including the weee curse lol.. We carried on the investigation & the same investigator & the guy that organised the investigation/house were in the room later that night when they actually felt a presence in the room with them so strong THAT at one point they felt 2 kicks to the back of the couch they were sitting on so this spirit energy was really trying to get their attention through a playful energy but guys I am here with you attitude. The personal experiences along said capture added to this room so right now the house has delivered the captured Help Me down stairs, the HUMM HUMM, a pic of dark shadow over the bed & 2 separate peoples personal experience of felling the couch being kicked so adding this to the owners personal experience we are stronger on the location. The owner told us about this room as its door entrance lays near the start of the stairs you see on the first clip at the top of the stairs and the owners claimed an object had been thrown at her as she was moving on the stairs from the same said room.. the rest is up to you? We all experienced another incident in this house which I will share with you in a blog over the weekend but unfortunately I wont have a video to match but it will give you more a view of how 1 house can have many happenings. ( the toilet was down stairs so with no electricity not many went alone lol) Stay Safe & sleep well puca's


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