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Captured EVP Video story part 1

Howdy Púca's, Happpy Saturday everyone, So as promised here is some information relating to the video on YouTube, and Don't forget our first investigation is approx. a week away and you will get to see our full vision once the video is created. So back to the Captured EVP Video, The Location was a Georgian house, where the camera had been placed was downstairs under ground level, from an investigator point of view we have to look at all the people, the area, any reason for any contamination to eliminate natural elements. So the small group of people were together in one room upstairs all present together, the voice level could be clearly identified by levels and downstairs at the time of the captured EVP was 100% clear of any person, the back door is totally sealed so no access can be gained and we were present near to the front door which was secured so no extra people had entered or left the building so downstairs was 100% clear of any living persons. The camera had been set up against a back wall in the corridor and as you can see if faced the stairs and corridor and after watching over 10 hours of that camera before and after the EVP no person had entered or left the downstairs area or the room we were in. So my question is who was the voice !!! A little bit about the house, the owners had vacated after many events which lead us to investigating the house, they also had photographs they asked us to look at. The house had been reported with having loud sounds coming from the house yet on investigation each time the house was empty...It is quiet old and nobody knows what the ground holds where it was built but one thing is for sure it delivered. After the initial investigation we felt it was a little active but on review of the footage it lead to a few repeat investigations leading to more captures and energy growing each time including an amazing unexplained photograph taken by my sensor motion camera while we slept all in one room but that's another story lol... I can honestly say even an intelligent spirit was active so much so I ran at one point from downstairs as a reaction from another event..While we wait on completing our first full vision video I am going to post 1 or 2 more captures from this house including a blog post about events on the post. I hope you like this little insight and have a great weekend. STAY SAFE OUT THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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