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Castle investigation Results part 1

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

Hello Púca's, We hope you enjoyed our sweet treats video posted on socials this week lol, Here is an introduction to a few of our next posts. That video was taken from this investigation. Setting the scene, On a cold, wet, dark scary night we entered lockdown in a rural castle.We started as a group of 9 people including guests but by daylight we were a group of 5!! This was a night full of energy & fun. Next Monday as a Bank Holiday special, we will be posting a double header of 2 EVP.S, captured on the night, these add to our recent post.This will be 3 trailers leading to a YouTube video of all captures once all 40 hours of footage has been carefully reviewed. The night also had personal experiences including these, The ground floor in the castle, as we sat in the room in darkness some of the group could see a shadow of a man sitting on a chair in the room, We also seen by the main entrance spirit lights which illuminated the dark room, these had no pattern and were fantastic personal experineces. We heard footsteps on the stairs but as we were all seated who was walking on the stairs? Further up in the castle we could hear loud bangs and doors so had the game of cat and mouse began? At that time all persons were accounted for on the ground floor with no human presence upstairs, so who was causing these events? A montion sensor outside a room upstairs had been set off, so after investigating it we found no one but once we opened the facing door, inside we found a Dead Bat on the ground, eerie to most of the group but how did this happen? we had questions but no answers! On the night we had 5 cameras, mutiple trigger objects placed all over the castle, a dicticaphone, a K2, a Rempod, motions sensor's and many more items including a motion activated camera. This is the introduction so keep your eyes and ears open, for more to come!! Socials and blogs will be updated. Stay safe this weekend and sleep well! Regards, Púca Vogue


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