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Castle investigation Results part 1

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Happy Monday!! We have just shared what we believe to be an EVP captured in an empty Chapel in the Castle we were investigating, The Reel is on our Instagram, listen carefully to the sound, in the distance you can hear far away faded voices of us but at the time of the capture, No human person was in the Chapel, listen to the closeness of the EVP, the style & accoustics as you will note it is in the room..It is our belief is it an EVP but wanted to share with you all...Its up to you to decide not US..The Chapel has often delivered on results & on this occasion, it was lights out & Empty!! Would you sit in here in the dark?

Have a great end to a bank holiday weekend & keep following the Púca Vogue!!! Stay safe out there lol Púca Vogue


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