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Haloween Update of Events and Live feeds 2 castles over 2 nights this Halloween

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hello to All!!!

Halloween lets be having you!!

Friday Night

So first off, the plan..We now have 2 Castles over 2 nights with a lot of spirits to meet! We are starting off HALLOWEEN 2022 with one of Irelands most famed haunted Castle’s, yes a new addition to our Halloween line up, Leap Castle, so Friday night will see us team up with Witness Ireland as we take a group of guests through their paces, they will be met and greeted by Castle owner Sean Ryan, a legend in his own right where Sean will treat them to an introduction to the castle, they will have a guided tour and possibly be treated to a bit of trad to get everyone’s energy levels up and ready for what is about to come next…

The group then will be treated to an investigation in the Castle in lights out, yes in the Dark!! Now what may come, no one knows but don’t be scared of just the dark in this 13-15th century castle nestled in Co Offaly and home to the bloddy chapel, Séances by Mildred Darby and much much more…Check it out in the link below..

Saturday Night

After very little sleep we will head to Redwood Castle making the return trip from Co Kerry being joined by a Westport Singer and Songwriter Rebecca McRedmond, now this is where it gets interesting as Redwood Castle has always delivered evidence on each visit and with Rebecca’s return and stunning voice it is hoped this will raise the energy levels to the roof and get our spirits ready to communicate. Redwood Castle is a Norman castle dating back to 1200AD, (Link Below) with tales of many a battle and includes some dark tales along with amazing history. Will we meet the spirit that tugged an investigators shirt, hear the many EVP voices we have heard or have that mischievous game of cat and mouse? Only the night can tell what we yet have to face.

On this Halloween investigation we will be carrying out Facebook live short vigils and treating our guests to a live from Rebecca herself so can all join in virtually with us on the night through Facebook. We have planned in European Irish Time, 21:30 a Live vigil starting with 2 investigators, 23:00 a live treat from Irish Singer and Songwriter Rebecca McRedmond , midnight 00:00 Great hall Vigil and a group finale vigil at 01:30 so join if you dare,,, remember it’s us in the dark and not alone!!

We also this week have been privileged to have been featured by National paper and online, The Irish Examiner Newspaper link also below if you fancy getting to know us more and been featured in our local Kerry’s Eye Newspaper with all details on our socials if you wish to put faces to Puca this is our plan, its everyone’s Halloween and this isn’t the end of 2022 investigations for us yet so Christmas will be busy with so much to review in our first full year after the dreaded, dare I say it covid times. Stay safe as always and keep following our socials to keep up to date with everything going on in the Puca Vogue world.

Thanks to you all!!

From all of us @ Puca Vogue

The Irish Examiner" target="_blank">

Redwood castle

Leap Castle


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