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Happy Sunday Night Final Update before Video

Happy March Puca's, Ok a short post tonight so we have updated some photos for you to our Facebook page especially one very fitting picture of a nice fire for a cold wet night that's outside lol.. you will see pictures of cards in the album this will make sense when we finally get this video out as still trying to put it all together to get it to upload to You Tube but a nice clear light anomaly can be seen coming up from the table as one investigator tries to engage with spirit using cards as at that point of the investigation we were having activity in the castle so it will relate. This week we are going to do a very short little teaser clip just of a local site to introduce our town to you but we will blog the link as its going to be a quick easy one shot upload lol.. Hope you enjoy the pics.. Stay safe out there Puca'súca-Vogue-Paranormal-Investigations-Ireland-103811927645015/photos/?tab=album&album_id=201459714546902


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