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Investigation at Leap Castle

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We recently investigated the famous Leap castle known to be one of the most haunted castle in Ireland.

As we drove in threw the large cast iron gates guarding the castle we noticed a very eerie image, a large flock of crows flying and gathering around the roof tops of the castle setting a very suspicious scene.This image only flued our excitement for the night ahead. When we finally reached the castle door we were greeted by the castle owner Sean, he informed us that the castle had been partially active in the previous days leading to our investigation almost as if they knew we were getting ready to investigate.

After we had all our cameras, multiple trigger objects and devices set up the darkness descended on leap castle, we all had this unsettling feeling of nerves in our stomachs as we began our overnight investigation.We started our night off at the top of the castle in the bloody chapel we the oubliette was located. This is where cart loads of bones were taken away from the grounds, we slowly worked our way down through the castle building the energy. No matter where we went in this castle we had this constant feeling of being watched.

As we watched the sun rising a deep feeling of relief came over some members of the team, after we had a few hours of sleep we woke up and we checked our trigger objects we packed up all our equipment and got ready to hit the road again. As we watched the castle disappear into the distance in the rear view mirror a slight feeling of sadness hit some of us as it really gave us a night to remember.

The footage is currently being reviewed but going by some physical personal experiences that had happened throughout the night the footage will not disappoint. Once we have edited some clips we will release some teasers before we upload a full video on our YouTube channel some more details of the night will be revealed in the coming week so keep coming back to check the website.

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