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Investigation done & Excited to review but exhausted lol

Evening Púca's, We hope you are all having a great safe weekend? Ok so last night we completed our investigation, so we have over 50 hours worth of footage to review but we are very excited about it as on the night we had a big surprise and a first for me in all my years investigating to get this device used in this way, so really excited to watch the footage of that camera in that area. We were locked down in Redwood Castle in North Tipperary and very PROUD of our Paranormal investigator who is the newest to the field but brought a fresh simple approach which delivered our main experience and in good style may I add, he led with an idea and only with his knowledge of where he was taking it to, so over the week we will be adding a few images creating a YouTube video and giving you guys as much insight to the night as possible. We hope this video will give a clear insight to our vision of Púca Vogue paranormal ..Other content will be posted while we get this ready for you. Enjoy Sunday Night...


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