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Investigation News update

Hello Púca's, Happy Wednesday. What a week, we had a surprise private investigation pop up so it stalled our review of footage. So at present we are 2/3 way through over 50 hours of footage & so far I can confirm we have captured a funny moment or two for you to enjoy but from the serious side of the old this is some of the capture's, In the area where we discovered all our battery equipment drained on the night after inserting all new batteries at 2am the night before this is the findings we BELIEVE we have so far & these will be shared on the video once all footage has been reviewed (We believe the EVP'S to be so far 1 (Male EVP Help Me) 2 (same room an unexplained noise after I ask can you do that again ) 3 ( A breath ) 4 ( a second breath near the camera yet the area is unoccupied by any LIVING PERSON & later 3 taps but again the area is EMPTY) & again soon after another 5 ( breath) On a different Camera we had discussed how it felt like a game of cat & Mouse. So as we will keep reviewing I will update you guys again before sharing the video link we just don't want to miss anything for you. Have a great few days, stay safe undefined.Sorry don't do Valentines lol.. Over & Out Púca's


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