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Leap Castle footage in review!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hello Puca Vogues,

thank you for being patient but it has been very busy between our jobs and investigations. We have 2 investigations in review Leap Castle and Redwood castle. Starting with Leap so far we have captured what we believe is breaths of laughter in the corridor area in the building, there was only 2 investigators in the area mid-2nd/3rd floor with the rest of the group on the ground floor. As we talk when you listen carefully you can hear the laughter so if we 2 are talking, who is with us at that time as we were supposed to be alone? That’s the first capture. The next is a voice over one of our guests but we can’t make it out. The 3rd is we captured 2 orbs in the corridor which are light anomalies that do not form dust or insects and have a certain pattern of light. Next Is we are all standing still in the bloody chapel when after stones quickly move on the floor an investigator gets startled but on review his surprise is captured and as I noted all were standing still, and moving on to a great experience, on the night one mentions they see shadows we all cross the room to see the claimed shadow as it is behind with camera against the wall with no one there, yes you hear me right, no one was in that area… and on camera as we all debate the shadow we hear an EVP but the two words are a different tone and with back ground noise we are trying to clean it up, finally thou the voice tone has been caught twice on the night!!! The review is ongoing and we are looking for the right app to publish and share some of these with you, so keep up to date……

Stay Safe

Puca Vogue


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