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Leap Castle Halloween Results

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Hello Puca’s,

So after a lot of footage lets get down to business, we as a team arrived to Leap Castle and it was certainly Halloween, the eeriness was in the air. We entered the long-curved drive to reveal the shadows of Leap Castle, the light above the door showing the entrance to a night of fright...

After Greeting the castle owner, we set about set up, covering 3 main areas, The infamous Bloody Chapel, The Corridor, and the Middle room. As we were going to be joined with a total of over 40 people the group used the ground floor as our base room. Next down to business,

We guided the group on a tour of Leap Castle, then it was let the fun begin with Leap coming to life, the walls were breathing life, or was it?? Had we started to meet spirits as we continued on?

We rotated 3 groups in the bloody chapel due to the size of the overall group and to ensure no noise contamination for our investigation. 3 separate groups similar results,

Group 1

Guests felt as if being touched, 2 guests at different times felt unwell, there we were together on the top of one of Irelands claimed most Haunted Castles IN THE DARK!! In a spirit box session had we heard a disembodied voice, so here we go!

Group 2

Again some members of the group were beginning to feel unwell just as had happened in the previous group, then we asked spirit if they could make a loud bang and we believe we captured an evp of an disembodied voice replying saying OK, this clip is on our Facebook and Instagram. Next a guest dressed as a priest in costume got his moment when the cross around his neck came away, was that spirit again?

Group 3

Again uneasiness set in quicky, spirit session in full go and 3 guests including myself mid spirit box session heard footsteps coming up the stairs about the enter through the door behind but the footsteps just disappeared with that they were gone! So after a radio call on our walkie talkie to the team members below to confirm if everyone was in place they answered they were, so if 3 floors apart no physical person was on the stairs was that spirit walking up and in to us at that moment? Footsteps in the stairs is a common occurrence in Leap Castle.

Finally the corridor

With 5 guests we again tried to communicate with spirit in the confined area of the castle. I myself was at the end of the group and in the darkness, we were feeling the energy but then the camera was caught being moved into another position…this clip is also on Facebook and Instagram so overall, Yes WE believe Leap Castle is Haunted and active hence its famous claim to be one of Irelands most haunted castles. It certainly was a spooky Halloween!!! Check out our Facebook and Instagram and You Decide so until next time SLEEP TIGHT PUCA VOGUES


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