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Leap Castle & Redwood Castle Investigations Lockdowns!!

What a month for the Puca Vogue Team!! over the last month we have investigated Leap castle twice with 2 sets of guests and Redwood Castle with again amazing Friends and guests, We are slowly getting through the footage but lets start with Redwood Castle , we had our lockdown investigation with the team and guests and this lockdown was very different, the castle was just full of energy. You could feel it in your body....

The guests and ourselves were playing cat and mouse with the spirits/ghosts all night, we have posted some clips on Instagram and Facebook. We had doors latching, opening, and you could hear all the movement. They we were all sitting together in the pitch dark in the Chapel when suddenly we could hear footsteps moving outside on the stairs but yet we knew everyone was in this chapel so who was out there?? In the priests room we could hear the door rattling and the latch being moved, we shared the clip to let you see no one was in the room, so the sequence of events were, doors rattling, the thumb latch being moved, next our camera tripod gets clipped and a motion sensor placed in the empty room has its beam broken and the alarm activated, was this all coincidence or was this following our vigil in the priests room?

We also captured a breath in the empty chapel, a direct response from a question on the ground floor of the response (NO) just after leaving the ground floor a motion sensor ball lights up!! In this session we could ALL see the light under the door being blocked out by someone or something but who was it? was it Rory the spirit person we encountered before,,,,,

We did a Facebook live and on the live while we were all in the main hall, we asked for a whistle to be repeated, sure enough a great intelligent response we got a whistle back!!! People watching the live heard it also so we were amazed to have such an intelligent response....

We still have footage to review and just from the above I am sure we have more encounter as this night was so active YOU wanted to turn on the lights!!!


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