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Markree Castle Ireland

Hay Little Púca Vogues, ok so like a lot of the world, we here in Southern Ireland are still on lockdown and under restrictions but with fantastic weather. We do hope everyone is safe & well. So today we are going to discuss a Castle called Markree Castle in County Sligo. One of the team had the pleasure of staying here on an opportunity afforded to him with the previous property management & got to stay overnight in the famous Johnny Cash Suite, a highly sought after room in the Castle, Johnny Cash used to stay here when visiting his fellow musician Sandy Kelly & his signature is the guest register on site, Johnny visited many times including bringing his wife June with him also signed in on the Guest Book as the location was quiet near Sandy. Markree castle sits on a 500 acre estate, & dates back to the 17th Century & includes its own Chapel on site. It has under gone changes with its current owners but the charm, allure, mystery, & intrigue is not lost by any means. Grandeur including a beautiful stained glass window on the stairs area is a must see. So down to business. Having being at events here before one team member wanted a personal night in the Johhny Cash suite with less people on site to eliminate contamination of the site/Area. So having checked in gone through the castle and having a night to let the Castle breath & deliver in 2 areas which was the Chapel & The Johnny Cash suite. After the walkabout, discussions of personal experiences were discussed & they settled in for the night that lay ahead, it was time to see what if anything may lay ahead for the night. There is video recordings from the night & we will place some images etc on our Facebook & Instagram including the possibility of some footage So back to business the nitty gritty lol....As you entered the suite, directly opposite the door was the location for the camera to capture the room & any entry or exit from the room including the main floor which on a previous visit in this room a personal experience was felt & believed to have seen a figure in that area by the investigator who at the time had announced what they believed to be what was seen & felt. A fish eye lens was used on the camera.Once the camera was set up & in place it was time for lights out & let the room deliver on its own accord as agreed, The suite was left from 9pm to 1 am approximately. They then went to the chapel & bar areas, the chapel felt calm but personal experiences of shadows & feelings were met, the bar was quiet & relaxed. The suite on our return felt very different including the feeling it had been busy so on retiring for the night you just knew you were not alone, during the night stay noises & footsteps were heard in the room as if two worlds were colliding but in a harmonious way. On review of the footage main pieces we believe we captured were in deed foot steps going back over the centre of the vacant empty room, which was fantastic as that was a focus & backed up previous/personal claims by many down through the years. An interesting capture was a distinct noise a clink in a sort of noise which was later discovered to the little old fashioned pull latch on the wardrobe so if the room was vacant who pulled/played with the latch (that is the question), we believe a nice catch there & as for the footsteps even with debunking noise that can travel due to the volume, floor of the room the footsteps we believe are also a great catch as one part of the room centre had old boards so when stood on had distinct noise a bit like on the corridor but different tones due to different floor coverings & sound travel so again a great catch. Finally something interesting is many months later a property belonging to Johnny cash in Jamaica was investigated by an American team & interesting enough a similar if not exact noise was capture, countries apart with just one connection Johnny Cash.. So in conclusion we believe definitely a fantastic experience & find. especially backed up with countries apart. Stay Safe Púca Vogues

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