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New Video on Youtube Púcas

Happy Happy Happy Friday Púcas NEW VIDEO ALERT!!!!!!!!!!! LOL... So this is a video of images created into a slideshow for you. These were taken a bit ago as an intimate group of friends did an importune stop at a location that is very important to me. The photos are from source with the only edit made is cover the face of the investigator for work purposes, so the scenario is? I took the photos and noticed a lot of changes as seen in the frames the investigator was quiet in tune with the area and asked I not say what I was seeing as she was feeling the presence at those moments, I changed the camera, cleaned the lens and again it kept moving with her in these frames, so as a test we asked the investigator to move, and sure enough so did the shadows even blocking out her face and legs, I asked the investigator to place her hand out and asked the spirit shadow to move Intune so you are seeing what we saw as I took these shots and we felt a lot on the night.... I hope you enjoy the clip and shortly you will see a full vision of Púca as we are hitting the road in late January to an Irish Location ? Ps trying to add a good audio track lol STAY SAFE PUCAS...


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