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New youtube video added to match this blog story part 1

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hello Puca Vogues, I do hope you are all keeping safe? We are still on restrictions here in Ireland so we can not for safety reasons which we support go on investigations at this time, so as promised in my last blog here is something to keep you going. Setting the picture, this EVP comes from a private Location in Ireland in a manor house, used for many reasons down through the years including housing many children. The location was arranged by a friend who asked us, just as friends to spend the night there with him as he investigates also being a respected investigator & has given me permission to share the stories & content with you so Thank you. The house was very unsettling with 3 floors and a basement under ground, in a locked sealed compound so once we were in, we were in for the night lol. The house as I say is a Manor style house set near a river in Ireland, There was 3 floors, a basement underground & a prayer room, so I am going to work in reverse from the end of the investigation. So around 4/5 am we concluded on nights investigation including at one point we all ran with all equipment failing at that point including everyone nervously exiting the building a massive EVP was heard by all leaving me to run last. It was clear we were being chased out, but once regrouped we went back in. With limited power on location we had to pick & choose lit areas. All night you could just feel the energy which left lasting effects for the duration until exit. The reason I am starting at the end is to match this EVP LINK TO THE VIDEO ON YouTube or use the YouTube link from the site. We never bring under 18 year olds on a location and this EVP caught on my own camera is clearly a young male, it was also captured about 40-45 mins after we exited the building to bed down in the compound adjoining building so no contamination can be claimed as the building was empty, secured, Locked, & compound locked down. We believe the EVP says (Try TO GO ASLEEP) SO the question remains who was the spirit? More to come! Stay safe & take care little PUCA VOGUE'S


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