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News Update 2022

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Happy Pre Halloween Puca Vogues!!

Apologies what a month, it’s been full on and as a total non-profit, the dreaded work keeps us occupied. Last month seen us take on the International Riverview Mental British Columba facility, and oh my god what an eerie yet amazing setting to see, bearing in the mind all the people that have passed through these buildings in a set of 3, the first now used for movie making with filming happening while we were on site, a second building giving all the views of the life over the years and a 3rd so bad its fully locked down. Standing in the basking sun (Yes I am Irish we do burn) is a surreal experience as you see the photos of happier times past that remain on display, yet you see the sterile hospital environment, the decay of one building brings the feeling of sadness never experienced before and regardless of the summer sun your heart sinks, it really does sink with sadness!! especially after seeing some of these patients on the streets of Vancouver. It hits you hard but unfortunately our tine here was very limited with so much to see and wanting more permission to really see and hear the secrets in the walls and hear those families stories this place have. The souls that have been left behind, that’s the questions who and how are they????? The pictures for now are on our Facebook and Instagram but will be added to the website very soon. Next was a flight to Vegas, yes you heard me right Las Vegas !!! A paranormal investigator cannot be nearby and not visit the Most Haunted Museum by Zak Baggins !! but that deserves its own post as my god I have lots to share including a physical touch in the museum, yes I was touched!! Now it’s still crazy listen what’s not crazy as we set up Halloween with the main event being a Ghost Hunt in our resident Redwood Castle in County Offaly, where we have heard Evps of DEATH!, seen battery lights drop in light and transfer, Captured spirit Black out spots, Light anomalies, multiple EVPS, Captured touch and A religious chapel in the castle. We are bringing an Irish Singer/Songwriter Rebecca McRedmond with a personal passion for Paranormal and Irish Castles, this will raise the energy levels to hopefully drive spirit activity, 11 guests 1 castle, a night to remember as we celebrate a full year after launching post Covid, so what a year, National, international, castles and so much footage to comb through carefully, We have posted snippets of lights anomalies on Instagram, My son yes, A second generation paranormal investigator in the family getting spooked, Rempod activity, personal experiences and much more so we are looking forward to showcasing our full post Covid year, so we have Redwood castle and a private investigation In a very haunted home to come to close 2022 with a bang, will it be another possed house???? Time will tell and we will share and reveal in full one year in all…stay on our socials for Facebook live vigil feeds Halloween weekend information and more to add as we celebrate 3 years but lets be honest its 1 with the blast Covid……

Stay safe and sleep well!!

From all of us @ Puca Vogue


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