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Number 10 House

Hello Little Puca Vogues, ok so we are still under restrictions but managed a lone vigal in a private house, so here is some on the info, 2 areas covered with 3 cameras, trigger objects & a secured location.Areas covered were Kitchen & Sitting room.The fottage is still in review but here is a little teaser of the findings, also a video clip will be added once complete. 1 Kitchen area after investigation was over & investiagtor (Myself) asleep (Banging can be heard in the kitchen, yet no one entered or left the area and I was asleep upstairs so the question is, who was in the kitchen???? 2 Sitting room had 2 cameras one at the door stopped recording after investigagtion but the second remained recording with no explination for the camera ceasing filming. 3 The interesting bit, As I called out regarding an event that happened on Halloween night as items flew off a shelf, this was asked verbally & a voice replies giving the name which we believe is John ny, which is the name of the owner who passed in the house, following this is again a second EVP saying ok ? The EVP is a male voice and can be heard.. so the history is a death in the house last August, noises frequently heard, Halloween night in front of 4 witnesses items fell flew off the shelf whilst the room was empty & the door banged closed on the 4 as they went to see what had happened. Now as the investigagtion begins it looks like we have activity.The blog will be updated again soon following more evidence review. For now Stay Safe, little Puca Vogues!!!


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