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Redwood Blog & YouTube Video

Follow The Púca, Hi All, so this is a clip from our Jan investigation, ok so filmed on location in lockdown in Redwood Castle in Ireland. Setting the scene so, in this clip you get to see a bit more of the team & light-hearted fun as we enter the castle grounds. In the clip you will hear what we believe is a breath & 3 knocks. This clip was filmed on the top floor,(floor 3 ) we were on the ground floor. At this point of the investigation we heard loud bangs on the ground floor so we left the top floor to check out what was happening below, as we went past floor two we thought we heard a voice which we did capture but the quality is poor as we are talking & its over our voice so we proceeded to the ground floor & during our call out asked for 3 knocks .At the time we didn't realise we got the 3 knocks but on the top floor. Interesting enough we had said at this point it was a game of cat & mouse, as we were being drawn to different floors by different unexplained distractions so it looks like the fun was on us at this point of the investigation. Stay Safe & we will update Redwood again soon...


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