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Staigue Fort Ring Of Kerry Ireland

Hello Little Púca Vogues, Ok restriction & Covid is finally easing & this really is like the year that never was!!!!!!, What a year to launch & be locked down but Horrraaaaayyyyy not taking from the seriousness but we are hitting the road again. So its not an investigation as were still unable & timing isn't right to do one but we have brought you some pics from a road trip last Tuesday as we are on the hunt to bring you the real Púca Vogue.& we are going to be like the Phoenix & launch from the ashes.. should I dare say Púca Vogue THE Phoenix.. Hope ye like them & #staysafe #bekind #followthepucavogue . Here is also a history link from link from wiki & in the images is a on site history notice . PS YOU are the first to know we are in the process of recording an interview for you which will be on You Tube next week so keep an eye for that, #followthepucavogue & share where you can we need YOUR support NOW more then ever, THANK YOU Night Púca Vogues from Ireland

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