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Tarbert Bridewell Courthouse & Jail Museum

This weekend we are going into lockdown, this time its a new location for most of the team!!! It will be interesting to see how it goes and the area. Here is some of the back story of the building,

Built in 1831, for more than 100 years Tarbert Bridewell stood as the county’s courthouse and jail. Symbolic of the harsh and inefficiently cruel justice system of 19th Century Ireland. It makes up of prison cells, a 19th century court room and exercise yard.

Some of the past prisoners,

Mary McCarty

She was a mother, and a widow. Unable to support her family, she stole to feed them. Sent to Tarbert she was to be deported to Australia, never to see her children again.

Thomas O’Connor

He was 18 years old and he escaped. His desperation was so great he climbed a 25 foot wall in his bare feet. Learn the story of his escape at Tarbert Bridewell

The Keeper of the Jail!! John Connolly

He was the Keeper of Tarbert Bridewell, as had been his father and his grandfather before him. He was paid £10 a year, a small fortune compared to those impoverished around him.

We look forward to what lies ahead and will upadte you and on our socials!!!!!

Countdown is on.......


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