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The Castle that keeps on Giving

Happy Tuesday to you all,

As we continue to review the footage of the castle it seems it keeps on giving...

The Priests room in total darkness, only for the light of our torches, we enter & set up a trigger object of a motion sensor light activated ball, it is secured in a piece of the mattress moulded into place, as we investigate you will see what we believe is the ball light up, from activity of touch, we also believe we can hear the tap against the plastic just before it moves, in effect the tap to move it!! We had placed a second trigger object in the main hall, after 9 hours being in place, just 30 minuets from us going to bed down on the top floor a bang is heard, yes your right it was the handle hitting the ground & in the clip you can see the speed and force used. Did they want us not to sleep & comeback down to the room? to continue? Was this again the castle trait of cat & mouse? Finally in the clip look to the door on the left- you will see it open into the room slowly, was this coincidence or again someone making contact? putting this together its 3 pieces in one clip of a long night!! clip is on our Instagram & the link is below. If so far is anything to go by, I would hope we have more to share soon with you all. Stay Safe all @púca Vogue Paranormal.


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