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The Priests Room, Results so far...

Hello Everyone,

We returned to Redwood Castle & have started the long process of over 50 Hours worth of evidence to review, So here we were excited to start setting up for the night ahead in this summer time lockdown investigation back in our resident castle. The priests room has been locked for some time due to repair but delightfully it was now open again & we were eager to get back in it for some investigating.

We started by setting up the camera in the room along with other cameras in the castle, While setting up we believe we have captured a

male voice, some deep heavy breaths & if you listen carefully to our echo's in the castle as we are in other rooms you can hear the sound difference adding to what we believe is that the EVP is in the room. A session is ongoing in the room when on watching it back we can for what we believe is hear a lady's voice calling a name twice its low but its there, the name will startle you!! Also in these moments our investigator feels touched which blends in with the evps & activity captured. we also set up light up motion activated balls and on review as we timely left the Priests room, this trigger object goes off in the room on the ground floor.

This area on the ground floor has seen as shown in previous reels, An object being moved, an item dropped, spirit light & most famously a female guest getting her dress tugged so with 4 other signs over different investigation's it can only claim to definitely have activity. so now we continue reviewing the fottage & check out some of our reels on Instagram & Facebook to see what we have so far!! more to come for you all!!!!

Stay Safe



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