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This is where we are at!!

We are having a whirl wind time, We have investigated a private House called the 10, We just finished investigating Redwood castle last Saturday June 3rd & we have 2 bookings coming up, another private house & a Hotel so we are trying to review the footage as quickly as possible but each investigation has over 50Hrs to review twice so we don't miss anything. Keep an eye on Instagram & Facebook as we have posted a clip from (The 10), Here 2 people died where the stairs were the end of life, in the clip you will see the motion balls go off on the stairs & we showed you the view from the second camera to show how one investigator got nervous as she claimed to see the full DARK shadow just standing staring into the room at her!! so More to come on that one, & I can tell you we already have what we believe is captures from Redwood.. All will be revealed, so any questions please just ask us. This is all for us & you...


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