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We could hear & feel the energy on this investigation....

What an investigation, From the moment we started!! While setting up our investigator Veronika heard a lady say hello but she was on her OWN....After our walk through and knowledge of hotspots we completed the set up and then it was time to go lights out!!

While upstairs we captured a light anomaly along with a direct response which we shared on our Instagram and Facebook.We captured a lady saying GET OUT, we heard it as we listened back on our recording device and also captured it on our rolling camera. Our guests were part of the experience and it was great for our validation as this was their first time joining us on an investigation and had no connections to the group. Next piece we shared was while we were in the the courthouse as we began investigating that area the rempod in the Jail Cell downstairs and the rempod upstairs both were going off !!! Who was touching these to activate them, it felt we were being drawn to the cells and back upstairs..

When we went into the jail cell on the ground floor the motion activated ball was also going off, who was it!! they wanted us to know they were there......

Back upstairs we went again, this time the females went into one room alone, footsteps could be heard and tonight we are sharing this clip as when our investigator asked from outside the room Whom was out there could they walk by the door, (This door is a hotspot and has had been reported by many groups of paranormal activity ) and sure enough an empty room of physical people and the trigger gets activated to sound the alarm, who walked past?? they were being intelligent and felt comfortable to let us know they were there or as we post that clip tonight were they trying to get us to leave as the EVP previously seen heard the lady GET OUT!!!!!!

Wait for tonight's clip it says HELP ME, so was that why they wanted us back up stairs, was on trying to get us to leave and the other asking for help, who is this man and woman... so many questions ....

Still reviewing the last of the footage but stay tuned for final results

Sleep tight.



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